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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blog's new url: stylewhimsical.blogspot.com

Since the past few years my blog has been evolving, from "fashioning my faith" to a more of "styling my wardrobe whimsically". So, to accommodate this process, and to give a better fit to the blog's content, I decided to move my blog... From its old url: fashfaith.com to a new url: stylewhimsical.blogspot.com

On March 16th, 2016, the old url, fashfaith.com, will not be directing you to my blog anymore.

To continue to view my photography, outfit posts, my styling tips, tutorials, and other visually interesting posts, please move with me to stylewhimsical.blogspot.com  

Thank you so much for being my blog's loyal reader, Dearest!